• Teams can have up to 5 people. Individuals are also eligible.
  • Any code that is used in a hack must be either 1) publicly available (i.e. free APIs, public github repositories), 2) created after 9:30PM Sept. 8th, 2017 at Ross Research Building, Johns Hopkins Hospital, by your team or 3) given by a sponsor, mentor, or MedHacks organizer. Regardless, you will be judged on the difficulty of making the code in 2) only, not 1) or 3).
  • The above rules do not generally apply for hardware. You are encouraged to bring your own hardware. However, you will only be judged on the work you do during the hacking period at MedHacks (to discourage bringing in devices/software that was created before the hackathon).
  • Decisions by judges are final.
  • You must comply with directions from MedHacks organizers.
  • In order to be eligible for prizes, all team members must be eligible, the team must make a submission on Devpost, and the team (at least one member) must demo their creation to the judges on Sunday.

See the code of conduct: http://static.mlh.io/docs/mlh-code-of-conduct.pdf All rules must be followed.